You wake. Your sleep has lasted many years, you do not know how long. A sheet of ice and snow blocks the entrance to your mountain cave. You stretch your taloned claws lazily, get up, and give your wings a langorous shake. Time to find something to eat, and wreak a little havoc. [[Breathe fire|Exit Cave]] on the ice and snow blocking the cave entrance.The snow and ice melts away, and you bound out from your hibernation cave, spread your wings, and soar. You are in the middle of a great, jagged mountain range, sparkling white with snow. Not much in the way of food here... [[Head south.|Head South]]You coast southward, watching the landscape change below you. Mountains give way to rivers, islands, coastline, valleys, then back to mountains. Human settlements crop up here and there, but most seem too small to be worth your while. Ah, here's one of respectable size! The buildings are astonishingly tall, gleaming towers of gray and glass. Remarkable what humans have been able to achieve in your absence. Will you [[slake your hunger here|Seattle]], or proceed [[further south|San Francisco]]?You halt your course and begin to circle the city slowly. One of the city's buildings is tall and spindly, rather like a needle, with a flat saucer-like disc perched on top. Interesting. You approach, and notice streams of humans flocking around its base. They look tasty. Though knocking the saucer off the top of the needle tower would be amusing as well. [[Feast on fleeing humans|Eat People]], or [[destroy the needle tower|Destroy Space Needle]]? You cruise southward, flapping your mighty wings. Occasionally you spot shiny metal flying machines with unflapping wings of their own, but you dispatch them with a few bursts of flame. You pass more settlements, some large, some small, but none tickle your fancy. At last you come upon a hilly city upon a bay, with an enormous suspension bridge (perhaps a mile and a half in length--these clever little humans ARE resourceful!) spanning a portion of the bay. Now this does look rather fun. Shall you start your rampage [[in the city|In The City]], or tear immediately [[into the bridge|To The Bridge]]?You swoop down, breathing flame as you go. The humans scream in gratifying terror. You scoop two up in your mouth and swallow without chewing. Delicious, if a trifle less marbled than you'd like. You snatch another in your claws, throw it high in the air, and catch it in your mouth. Yum! Will you [[continue eating|Keep Eating]], or get on with the mayhem business and [[destroy the needle tower|Destroy Space Needle]]?You do love a good spot of mayhem! With a deafening shriek, you swoop in on the saucer-like disc and grasp it in your ferocious talons. It's attached rather firmly to the tower, but with a few good tugs you wrench it free and watch in delight as it tumbles to the ground below. Where to now? [[The waterfront.|The Waterfront]] [[Head further south.|San Francisco]]Your appetite is enormous. You pop human after human into your mouth, occasionally blasting one with a spurt of fire to give it a lightly roasted flavor. They're becoming a bit thin on the ground, now, though, having all run away for shelter. Time to investigate more of the city. Perhaps [[the waterfront|The Waterfront]]?You proceed to the waterfront. Oh look, a large vessel is approaching the dock! It is unusually shaped, but it appears to contain humans. What fun! [[Set the ship aflame.|Set Ferry Aflame]] [[Tear the roof off with your talons.|Tear Roof Off Ferry]]You shoot a great ball of flame at the vessel. It doesn't catch fire (ships must not be made of wood these days), but there are a good number of gratifying explosions on the lower deck. The humans are flinging themselves into the water, ensuring a nice briny marinade when you scoop them up to eat them. Delicious! As you munch, you hear a buzzing noise from somewhere in the sky. You look up to see a gleaming metal machine with whirring blades hovering near you. [[Breathe fire at the puny flying machine.|Destroy Helicopter]]With a screeching of metal, you tear the roof off of the vessel with your powerful claws and hurl it into the water. The humans inside run to and fro, and you're able to easily scoop up whole handfuls of them to munch. Fear is the best condiment! As you munch, you hear a buzzing noise from somewhere in the sky. You look up to see a gleaming metal machine with whirring blades hovering near you. [[Breathe fire at the puny flying machine.|Destroy Helicopter]]You snarl and breathe flame at the buzzing flying machine, which promptly explodes. The flaming wreckage falls into the water. You're bored with this city. Time to [[continue south|San Francisco]].You swoop down, spraying fire indiscriminately. Humans dash about, confused, shrieking. You pop several in your mouth and chew happily. Quite a few of them taste as though they are vegetarians, a nice fresh flavor, which pleases you enormously. You carelessly knock a few wheeled metal vehicles about, but your primary aim is sating your enormous dragony appetite. At last your belly feels comfortably full (and the streets noticeably empty). Time for a bit of fun. [[Off to the bridge!|To The Bridge]] You emit an ear-shattering shriek, and rain fire down on the bridge. All traffic halts, and several wheeled metal vehicles crash into each other (you wonder how they taste?). You swoop alongside and, with your razor sharp talons, slice through the metal cables that appear to be holding the structure up. A metal flying machine hovers off to your right. You swat it lazily out of the sky. The bridge appears to be sagging. [[Eat some wheeled metal vehicles.|Eat Some Cars]] [[Keep slicing through the cables.|Slice Cables]]You've never much liked the taste of metal, but these look intriguing and, besides, they have a soft, juicy human center! Well, the ones where the humans haven't already leapt from the car, anyway. You pop one in your mouth and start to chew. Urgh. This one contains oil and gas, as well as metal and rubber. Yuck. You spit it into the bay and try another. Nope, still revolting. So much for that. [[Continue slicing suspension cables.|Slice Cables]]You slice through some more cables, and now the already sagging bridge begins to crack. With a delightfully satisfying SPLASH, the entire structure tumbles into the bay. The ingenuity of humans is, as ever, no match for the raw power of a dragon. You scoop a few frantic humans out of the water and eat them, but, truth be told, you're beginning to feel ready to head north again. All this stimulation and destruction has been terribly exciting, but it does rather tire you out. [[Fly back north.|Return North]]You wing your way northward, belly full, content with your day of carnage. The puny humans shall not doubt the existence of dragons for many years to come. You reach your ice cave, high in the northern mountains, and ensconce yourself comfortably within. A few judicious taps causes a small avalanche of snow to cover the entrance and hide your hibernation hole from view. You close your eyes. Time to go back to sleep. But perhaps, this time, not quite such a long sleep.